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The "Crateria Missile cache" is a room in Crateria. It appears in Super Metroid.


The cache is a small metal Item Room found through the "Final Missile Bombway", a corridor on the left of Crateria's central rocky cave. Under normal circumstances, the room cannot be accessed until Bombs have been obtained from the nearby Torizo, due to Bomb Blocks obstructing the bombway. A Chozo Statue sits by the left wall in this room, holding a Missile Tank. The bombway gets its unofficial name from the fact that some speedrunners get the Missile Tank in the cache last, if playing for 100% of items.

Should the cache be entered early, either via hacking or by using the Spacetime Beam, the Missile Tank will not be present. When Samus approaches the Chozo Statue, a yellow beam of light will shine on her, the same kind of beam emitted by two Eyes in Brinstar. However, using the X-Ray Scope will not reveal an Eye within the Statue. The only way the Eye can be seen is if a glitch is performed to alter the game's memory, resulting in significant graphical glitches.

The Eye's presence may indicate that this room was originally meant to be accessed earlier, and perhaps even the location of the game's first Missiles; whereas in the final game those are obtained in another Item Room within Brinstar. The Eye was likely not removed since the room cannot be accessed without Bombs anyway. A video showing the Eye and how to see it can be viewed here.

Despite being an Item Room, the Silence theme does not play in this room and Crateria - The Space Pirates Appear continues to play instead.

This room does not exist in Metroid: Zero Mission, the remake of the original Metroid that features a smaller version of Crateria, including a version of the rocky cave. The cave in Zero Mission does not have the door leading to what would be the "Final Missile Bombway".

Connecting rooms[]


Missile Tank
In the hands of the Chozo Statue.

Official data[]

Nintendo Power volume 60[]

Blast the Blocks (pg. 10)
"After you secure the Bombs, you can roll into this narrow passage, break the blocks, then collect more Missiles."

Super Metroid Nintendo Player's Guide[]

A. MORPH AND BOMB (pg. 30)
"A complement of Missiles will be your prize for Bombing through the blocks and entering the room on the far left. There's a shortcut on the way out."