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The "Crateria tube" is a room in Crateria. It appears in Metroid: Zero Mission and Super Metroid, with significant differences in appearance between games.


This room's primary purpose is to connect directly to the Landing Site from an elevator to another area. In its first appearance in Zero Mission, the room is set in a cave and filled with water. A large rock structure is present in the middle. The base of it is made of hidden Boost Blocks, but the Speed Booster cannot be used to break through them until the Gravity Suit is activated. A gap is present at the top, with a Chozo Block placed between the ceiling and structure. It cannot be removed until Samus collects the Plasma Beam in the nearby water-filled hole.

Left side of the room (Zero Mission).

Underneath the Chozo Block is a Pit Block, which crumbles and reforms after Samus steps on it and prevents her from going back this way. The only way to get back to the other side until the Gravity Suit is enabled is to go up in the flooded cavern and proceed through the Chozo Ruins back to the Landing Site.

Several crystal-like formations can be seen in the background. Additionally, a ladder-like contraption is present on the right side of the ceiling, but it cannot be interacted with and its purpose is unknown. Two Rippers are found in this room; the first flying in front of the rock structure on the left side, and the second flying curiously low above the water on the right side.

In Super Metroid, the room has been converted into a tube with a pair of transparent windows. It is the only tube of its kind seen in the game. It connects between the Landing Site and a cave leading to an alternate elevator to Brinstar. The door to this room from the Landing Site is guarded by a Green Hatch, which cannot be opened until Samus has obtained Super Missiles. It is more likely that she will enter this room from the other side, however.

Connecting rooms[]

Right side of the room (Zero Mission).


Official data[]

Metroid: Zero Mission: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

The tube in SMILE.

045 RETURN TO NORFAIR (page 38)
"Once you have the Power Grip, you'll wonder how you got along without it. On your way back to the elevator for a return trip to Norfair, you'll use your new ability to grip high ledges and pull yourself through the path."