Creche Transit is a room in Pirate Research in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


This room is open to the Pirate Homeworld sky, and as such Acid Rain falls here. Until she has the Hazard Shield, Samus cannot explore most of the bipedal area. To the left of the entrance is a panel made of Talloric Alloy that Samus can destroy with her Bomb. When destroyed, access to a Morph Ball tunnel is granted. The tunnel has a "Spinner" that Samus must kinetically charge so that she can set the direction of the path.

In the bipedal area, there is a high ledge that can be reached with a Grab Ledge. On this ledge is a cluster of hardened Phazon crystals that Samus can destroy with a Hyper Missile.

Connecting rooms[]


Tunnel in which Phazon Metroids are contained.


Missile Expansion
Located inside the Morph Ball tunnel.


Maintenance-duct panel
"The Talloric alloy in this maintenance-duct panel has weakened with age."
Phazon crystals
"Phazon crystals are durable but could probably be destroyed by a Phazon-based explosive blast."
Routing disc
"Routing disc is operated by an internal Spinner device that controls the disc's rotation."
Taking Valhalla
"The vision of our leader is vast indeed. As we prepared for war with the hated Galactic Federation, she decided she required one of their great machines to better control her living planet. We then set out to bring an Aurora Unit to Dark Samus. Bribes led us to the location of our prize: the battleship Valhalla. Crewed with green recruits on a training mission, she was ours for the taking. One of the mightiest ships in the cosmos was no match for the Phazon-powered weapons of the Colossus. We rendered Valhalla helpless, then sent raider to claim our prize. The Aurora was ours! There was no mercy for the Federation dogs. At the command of Dark Samus, we jettisoned the crew into the frigid depths of space, leaving the wreck of Valhalla as a warning to the Federation. Let them tremble before our might!"