Crossway is a room in Chozo Ruins in Metroid Prime. It is a fairly long room, arched and with a half-pipe along most of its length. To reach the doors to Elder Hall Access and Crossway Access South, Samus may use the Boost Ball in the half-pipe. At this far end, there are also three pieces of Chozo Lore to scan, and a Cordite decoration on the wall that can be destroyed with a Super Missile. Doing this reveals a scan point, which reveals a Spider Ball Track and a Bomb Slot when used. Using the Boost Ball again eventually leads to an elevated Missile Expansion.

Connecting roomsEdit

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Chozo Lore inscriptions



Missile Expansion
Samus must destroy the piece of Cordite near the Elder Hall Access door and scan what is behind it. Next she must boost up the half-pipe and attach to the revealed Spider Ball Track to reach a Bomb Slot and then repeat this to activate a Morph Ball elevator that leads to the expansion.


"Something behind the wall seems to have been activated."
Cordite statue
"This Cordite statue is worn and weathered. Scans indicate the presence of a Power Conduit behind the statue."


  • The Crossway has a roof that has been textured, despite the fact that this would never be visible to the player. [1]


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