Rundas leaves the Crash Site on ice generated through cryokinesis. (Click to see animation)

Cryokinesis is the ability to manipulate and generate ice and snow for use as a weapon. The Phrygisian race has this ability, including Rundas, who used it in his bounty hunting career. Rundas uses his cryokinetic abilities several times during Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, including as a form of transportation, as it enables him to "surf" through the air on a line of ice that is rapidly generated in front of him. It apparently requires no water source as he was able to use it even in Bryyo Fire. He uses this surfing ability to rescue Samus as she is falling down the Generator C Shaft, and during his battle with Samus later on as a means of transport around the Temple of Bryyo.

Rundas also demonstrates other cryokinetic abilities. When he enters the Temple, he summons ice that sweeps across the ground and freezes several Pirate Troopers solid, while also producing spikes and stalagmites. Moments after "saving" Samus, Rundas sends a line of ice that freezes the Temple's entrance, preventing Samus from escaping. As the battle begins, Rundas summons large stalagmites that serve as cover for both him and Samus and can be destroyed by his attacks. He can also jump on top of cylindrical ice formations, where he will fire 3 or 4 ice balls at Samus, that she can destroy for Phazon Units and Missile Ammo. In cutscenes on Norion, this ability was seen to be powerful enough to freeze Space Pirate ATCs and send them crashing.

His primary attack involves him rapidly firing ice blasts at Samus in an erratic fashion. If they hit Samus, she will be frozen until a button is tapped to break free. If Samus fires Missiles at Rundas, he will sometimes summon an ice shield that reflects them, similar to Dark Samus. As the battle progresses, Rundas will begin to fire more ice blasts at Samus while he surfs through the air. After entering Hypermode, Rundas will stand on an ice formation and fling an ice mound infused with Phazon like a lasso before throwing it at Samus. After Rundas is defeated, he quickly summons shards of ice from the ground, which impale him. It is unknown whether this was because of Dark Samus's tampering or if he committed suicide. Any ice stalagmites left over from the battle melt and produce energy and ammunition for Samus.

Later on in the game, Gandrayda imitates Rundas' cryokinesis with her Rundas-G form. As well as this, Dark Samus seems to use the fallen hunters' abilities, including Rundas' ability, in the form of several large Phazon ice shards, which she uses as cover during her battle with Samus on Phaaze.

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