Official artwork of the Crystal Flash.

The Crystal Flash is a technique used in Super Metroid to regain health outside Energy Charge stations or Starship.

According to the Super Metroid comic[1], when the Chozo adopted the young Samus Aran and brought her to Zebes after she was orphaned by the Space Pirate raid of K-2L, they had infused her with their blood, endowed her with the Power Suit, and taught her one of their greatest technological achievements: the Crystal Flash technique embedded in the Power Suit, which could be used as a last-resort measure for healing. The technique creates a unique spherical cocoon of energy around a briefly suitless Samus, allowing her to absorb all of the energy of the Power Bomb, healing completely if she is at critically low health. The Crystal Flash also fills up the Reserve Tanks.

It is performed by following these steps:

  • Select Power Bombs.
  • Samus must have 50 or less energy, empty Reserve Tanks, and at least 10 Missiles, 10 Super Missiles, and 11 Power Bombs (one to initiate the Crystal Flash, and ten more to consume alongside the missiles).
  • Samus must enter Morph Ball form and spend one Power Bomb.
  • At the end of the Power Bomb's explosion: if the player is holding the aim up button + aim down button (default L and R) + down + fire button, Samus will initiate the Crystal Flash. This will result in Samus rising into the air in a ball of light, suitless, while her Energy Tanks rapidly refill.

Notes: The ammo supply will drop as the Crystal Flash is performed.

One should not perform this technique while in danger of being hit by an enemy as Samus is not invincible during this technique, meaning that she will take damage every frame that an enemy is in her hitbox for the duration of the Crystal Flash, greatly reducing her Energy recovery, or even killing her.

There is a glitch related to the Crystal Flash that allows Samus to access the Super Missiles that Spore Spawn rewards from the wrong way. [1]


  • Samus is unable to perform the technique in other games despite its importance.
  • Zero Suit Samus's Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Power Suit Samus, resembles the Crystal Flash, though it does not heal her in any way.
  • The Crystal Flash appears in the game's attract mode.
  • In the Super Metroid comic, Old Bird states that the Crystal Flash has a possibility to backfire, thus harming instead of healing.
  • Metroid: Other M features a different energy restoration technique called Concentration that allows Samus to recharge a small amount of energy or all of her missiles when she can concentrate (that is, when she is not being hit by enemies).