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This article is about the minerals on SR388. For other uses, see Crystal (Disambiguation).

The baby carving out a wall of crystals for Samus in Metroid II.

Crystals[1] are a mysterious rock observed on SR388. They appear at the end of Metroid II: Return of Samus and in various areas throughout the remake, Metroid: Samus Returns. The crystals are impervious to Samus's Beam, Missile and Bomb weapons and form walls and ceilings to impede her progress. Only the baby that imprints onto Samus after hatching can destroy them; when approached, it will seemingly absorb the crystals and allow its "mother" to continue on to her Gunship. It makes a squeaking noise when it eats the crystals.

In Return of Samus, if Samus attempts to enter the Queen's nest before exterminating the Metroid larvae in the previous rooms, a large cluster of crystals can be found blocking the Egg's chamber and the Queen Metroid will not be present to trigger the boss battle. Once all of the larvae are killed, these crystals will disappear and the Queen will appear in their place, directly implying that she can destroy these obstacles as well.

Samus Returns

In Samus Returns, the crystals appear elsewhere on SR388, and cannot be removed until near the end of the game. As the game does not end immediately after the Queen Metroid battle, Samus and the baby can use Teleport Stations to travel throughout SR388. There are crystal formations present in all areas of the game. In this version, the crystals resemble pieces of rock stuck together, and the baby breaks them apart one by one. If some crystals are slightly off-screen, Samus can use Free Aim to point at them, and the baby will immediately move to break them up.

Expansions blocked by Crystals[]


  • Despite the Infant Metroid and the Queen being capable of destroying the crystals in Return of Samus, the same game shows Metroid larvae avoiding the crystals in the same way they would any solid surface.
  • The crystals' trait of being exclusively vulnerable to Metroids is shared with the X Parasite.