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Top screen in Customize.

Customize is a sub-menu in Metroid Prime: Federation Force. It is accessible from either the main menu, or on the Game Lobby Screen through a button in the bottom left corner of the Touch Screen. It is represented by a wrench symbol. On the main menu's hologram depicting the G.F.S. Aegis, Customize is positioned at the very bottom of the ship. When entering Customize, the first player's Mech will ascend (on the main menu) or descend (from the Game Lobby Screen, which is set in the airlock of the Aegis) into a maintenance area. A technician can be seen nearby, interacting with a holographic terminal; it is possible that in-universe, this is how MODs and Paint Jobs would be chosen. Behind the platform where the Mech ascends or descends are two hatches on either side of the Mech. In Blast Ball, there are subtle differences: MODs cannot be selected, the elevator makes a different sound when descending, the technician is standing left of where they do in the Campaign Customize menu.

There are four options in Customize, allowing for customization of MODs, selecting Paint Jobs, choosing Messaging phrases and adjusting the language, gender and pitch of said messages. When choosing messages and voice, the camera on the top screen of the Nintendo 3DS will zoom in to focus more on the Mech.

When a new Paint Job is unlocked, General Alex Miles will tell the player that they "can check it out in Customize."

Official dataEdit

Main menu descriptionEdit

"Customize your Mech, MODs, voice, and chat options."

Blast Ball descriptionEdit

"Customize the appearance of your Mech, and adjust your voice-message options."

General Alex Miles quoteEdit

New paint job(s) are now available in the Customize menu.


"Equip MODs you've collected, select a new paint job for your Mech, assign your preset messages, and adjust the language, gender, and pitch of your pilot's voice."


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