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Non-canon warning: This article or section contains information that may not be considered an official part of the Metroid series in the overall storyline by Nintendo.

Cyclon Queens are enemies exclusive to Nintendo Land.


The Cyclon Queen is a large purple Cyclon that summons normal Cyclons to attack the playing Miis. While the Cyclon Queen does not directly attack the Miis, its Cyclons orbit around their queen and assume one of two formations when it produces a jingle. When they circle around the Queen, they use their tornado attack and then destroy themselves. When they form three lines around the Queen, they shoot lasers similar to those used by the Zebesians in Metroid Blast. If any Cyclons are destroyed, the Cyclon Queen will spawn new ones to replace them.

The Cyclon Queen must be destroyed to stop the appearance of further Cyclons. Whereas normal Cyclons take a single shot to their red power button to destroy them, the Cyclon Queen's blue power button requires three shots. The Cyclon Queen is much more defensive than normal Cyclons and will constantly cover its button with its protective armor. It vertically opens its shell (in a manner reminiscent of the Spore Spawn) only when its Cyclons perform either attack formation. If it is shot, the Cyclon Queen briefly reacts by having sharp spikes cover its armor, and its Cyclons will break their current formation. When the Cyclon Queen is destroyed, any of its surviving Cyclons immediately self-destruct.

The Cyclon Queen is one of the less common enemies in Metroid Blast, only appearing in a few missions of Assault Mission. The first Cyclon Queen appears in the Space Port as the final enemy in mission "6. Cyclon Infestation". Two Cyclon Queens are fought simultaneously at the Sea Tower as part of the last enemy wave in mission "17. Air Supremacy".


  • The Cyclon Queen is only named in mission "9. Cyclon Queen's Tokens" in the NTSC version of the game. The PAL version of the game, which changes the mission's title to "9. Stormy Token Sweep", leaves this enemy unnamed.
  • Most likely because the Cyclon Queen's spawns behave differently from normal Cyclons, the Cyclon Queen does not appear at the same time as normal Cyclons in any mission.