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Daedalus Logs are short data entries written by personnel of the G.F.S. Daedalus during their mission on Excelcion. They are accessible via dedicated terminals only during M08: Dustoff in Metroid Prime: Federation Force, and chronicle the crew's mission to deploy Recovery Pods, in order to mine a newly discovered Liquid Resource. There are no Daedalus Logs to be found in M11: Uplink, the mission in which the Daedalus is explored; the dedicated terminals in that mission display Galactic Federation Logs when accessed.

Logs[edit | edit source]

Daedalus Log: Emergency Evacuation
An incoming Space Pirate threat has been detected. All personnel are ordered to set the Pods to automatic excavation, then evacuate.

Daedalus Log: Liquid Resource
It has been decided that several recovery Pods can be used to collect this material, as it seems to be located at a fairly shallow depth.

Daedalus Log: Recovery Pod
This device has been specially designed to excavate underground resources. It is equipped with a manual return function.
This feature can be activated by employing percussive maintenance, such as with a Charge Shot blast.

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