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Daiban, depicted in the Metroid Manga

Daiban (ダイバン?) is the Galactic Federation "Capital of the Milky Way". It has heavy traffic consisting of a multitude of different ships going to and leaving it. From space there can be seen several large cities on its surface, which cover a large portion of the planet. So far it has only appeared in the Metroid Manga.

Key Locations[]

Federation Meeting Assembly Hall: A massive building from which the representatives of every planet within the Federation meet and discuss current problems, such as how to deal with the growing Space Pirate threat. It is made up of a vast majority of different species ranging from every corner of Federation space.

Key Members[]

Chairman Vogl: A representative of an unknown horned species of an unknown planet, he believes that the military forces of the various planets of the Federation should be combined in order to defeat their enemies, most likely the Space Pirates and possibly the Kriken Empire.

Chairman Keaton: A representative of an unknown species of an unknown planet, he believes that an increase in the military forces will spread fear among ordinary citizens. He believes this would be a precursor to war and that gaining prosperity through power would make them no better than the Space Pirates. The Chozo agree with his idea of thinking.


A "daiban" is a Japanese lacquered wooden table for an individual, as opposed to shared like a tatami.