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Damara (ダマラ?) is a character in the Metroid manga published in Magazine Z.


Damara was a child living on Jigrad during the Space Pirate occupation of the planet. She was not tall enough to pass through the trip-wires, and thus was deemed useless as a slave and set for execution. However, moments before Space Pirates would have killed Damara she was saved by Samus Aran, who disobeyed her orders and intervened, killing all the Pirates except P-1. Samus had been tempted to murder him, but the sight of a terrified Damara reminded Samus of her three year old self during the K-2L raid, and she decided to arrest him instead. She picked up Damara in her arms and thanked the girl for saving her (from becoming a cold-blooded killer).

Years later, Damara arrived in Daiban as a student of the Federation Academy. She meant to thank her benefactor, Chairman Keaton, by presenting him with flowers at a ceremony, but it turned out that she was unknowingly being used in an assassination attempt. The flowers were actually a Mimic in disguise, but it was quickly dispatched by Samus Aran, also hiding in the crowd.

At the Academy, Damara was at the top of her class in her freshman year. She was resented by one of her peers, who insulted her and her friends by calling them poor potato farmers. The bully was promptly mauled by Pyonchi, who Samus brought with her, Chairman Keaton, and Commander Malkovich when they went to the Academy research laboratory.

Later, before he leaves, Chairman Keaton finds Damara gazing at the sky, worried about Samus, who had left on her Zero Mission. The Chairman tries to comfort Damara and encourage her to get to class. Fortunately, her worries would be assuaged. Her further fate after the manga is unknown, and she has yet to appear in any of the Metroid games.


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