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"What's the matter? All I said was that Komaytos look like little Metr—"

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Dangelo (ダンゲーロ Dangēro?) is a mysterious character and escaped convict that appears in chapter 12 of Samus and Joey (first chapter of Volume 3). He has past ties to Samus Aran, wanting revenge on her for reasons not completely specified (although it is possible he was a target of a bounty of hers). To this end, he has acquired a Samus Model Terminator Suit and commits at least six terrorist attacks on the Junk Quixote's space station. Samus learns of this after returning from the Sakaard Sector on a mission and flees the police. She confronts Dangelo as he is attacking a hospital and states that she remembers him clearly as "filth". He explains the Power Suit as a gift from someone who also has a grudge against Samus, and reveals that there are others who seek revenge on her. He then turns invisible and attacks Samus, explaining that this Power Suit is reverse-engineered from hers. Threatening to kill several people leftover in the hospital, Dangelo demands that Samus destroy her Arm Cannon. He still fires at the hostages even when she smashes it into the ground and damages it, but Samus acts as a human shield by taking all the fire while the hostages flee with the help of Joey Apronika. Samus asks him if he has any objections and then kills him by punching him hard in the face. He flies out of the hospital. His face is revealed. He possesses empty eyes, pointy ears (not unlike an Elfin), a mohawk and has horns on his temples, and he rather resembles the devil. His corpse begins foaming at the mouth.



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