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Metroid Prime interface.

Danny Richardson has worked with Retro Studios on all three games in the Prime Series, working as an artist. According to Andrew Jones, Richardson "is responsible for the look of the visor and heads up interface design on Metroid Prime." [1] He also created the Korba creature in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption and the main menu of Metroid Prime[1]. According to Matt Manchester: "This Korba creature was originally just the mouth that would grab you when you get too close. Danny Richardson created the original creature. Using his textures, I added the thick slug body embedded in the cross section here."

He now works as the senior UI artist at BioWare.



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  1. ^ "Danny has some real familiar art. He was the one that did that really sweet intro for Metroid Prime with the cells."!-lots-of-images)
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