Dark Bloggs are aquatic creatures possessed and transformed into Darklings by the Ing. Dark Bloggs are more vicious than normal Bloggs due to aggressive Ing controlling them.

The Dark Bloggs will be defeated in a single shot with a charged light energy attack to their mouth.


Dark Bloggs are similar in appearance to their regular counterparts except that they possess a darker color scheme characteristic of Darklings. They also have several spike-like protrusions sprouting from the back of their heads that appear similar to those of the Dark Pirate Trooper, a trait likely a result of Warrior Ing possession.

Logbook entry[]

Dark Blogg

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Temporary scan

Morphology: Dark Blogg
Darkling-possessed aquatic predator. Symbiote unable to harness creature's sonic blast. Relies on close-combat attacks in battle. Target weak spot in mouth to do damage.

Logbook entry

Dark Blogg somehow lose their sonic blast ability: something about their minds makes them difficult for darklings to fully control. They rely solely on their deadly maws for attack: in most cases they are more than adequate. Target the weak spot inside its mouth to defeat the Dark Blogg with ease.


  • The Logbook scan mentions a Dark Blogg is unable to harness its sonic blast attack. It should be noted that the only Blogg that actually uses its sonic blast attack is the Alpha Blogg.
  • Blogglings taken over by Ing will not become Dark Blogglings, but instead rapidly mature to the Dark Blogg stage.
  • In the GameCube version, a rare glitch can occur when defeating a Dark Blogg. Instead of its usual death animation, its body will remain intact and float limplessly up to the surface where it will vanish afterwards. This alternate death animation shares some resemblances to many real world fish species.