The Dark Diligence Drone is an Ing-possessed Diligence Class Drone. They are vulnerable to the Light Beam. Dark Diligence Drones only appear in one location: the Hazing Cliff in the Ing Hive region. Unlike most Darkling-possessed drones, they only follow a certain path, which makes them simple to destroy. Dark Diligence Drones expel energy as multiple sets of three around themselves both rapidly and alternating rotations instead of the one set of three slow-moving beams that the ordinary Diligence Class Drone have. This makes it impossible to roll under them in Morph Ball mode.

Logbook entryEdit

Dark Diligence Drone

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Temporary scan

Mechanism: Dark "Diligence" Drone
Darkling-possessed maintenance unit.
Unit gains strength from Ing symbiote. A high-powered burst of light energy can damage it.

Logbook entry

Some Diligence drones have been taken by the Ing for possession duties. Their small size and durability makes them excellent scouts, able to go where most others cannot. A Dark Diligence still relies on focused energy beams for defense. Their energy construct nature makes them invulnerable to most attacks. A high-powered burst of light energy can disrupt a Dark Diligence unit.