Dark Falls is a room in the Dark Torvus Bog. It appears in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. When Samus first enters Dark Falls, she will be in a small hallway with a Light Beacon in it. Then it opens up into a larger area. To the left is a small poisonous pond with two Ingsphere Caches in it and a Save Station generating a Safe Zone on a tiny island. To the right is a passageway leading above and around the pond to another Light Beacon and a door.

The Aether version of this room is Grove Access.

Connecting rooms[]



Light Beacon
"Xenotech: Luminoth Light Beacon
Generates protective field when energized.
Light Beacons must be energized by Beam weapon fire to function, and remain charged for a limited time."
Save Station
"Save Station
Step into these stations to save your game and fully restore your energy."
Ingsphere Cache
"Morphology: Ingsphere Cache
Living storage units of the Ing Horde. The Ingsphere keeps useful items in a dimensional pocket. The pocket can be breached by destroying the Ingsphere."


  • After Dark Torvus's planetary energy is removed, this room is subjected to near-constant lightning strikes, far more than any other part of the Bog, or for that matter the rest of Dark Aether.