Dark Ingsmashers are Ingsmashers that have been possessed by the Ing. They are similar in appearance to the Ingsmasher, but with a characteristic black-and-purple Ing texture on their armor plating. Dark Ingsmashers are slightly more resilient than their non-possessed brethren, with a weakness to Light energy. However, they still use an opposite-polarity system where they project light or dark energy, sometimes requiring Samus to fire at them with the Dark Beam. With this, except for the Emperor Ing itself, the Dark Ingsmashers are the pinnacle of Ing abilities to control light energy without harm. Dark Ingsmashers serve as sentinels in the Ing Hive, but unlike their light counterparts, they tend to respawn, however seldomly. The easiest way to defeat them is for Samus to drop a Power Bomb, incinerating the Ingsmasher immediately. Dark Ingsmashers appear in two locations: the Hive Portal Chamber and Hive Reactor.

Logbook entryEdit

Dark Ingsmasher

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Temporary scan

Mechanism: Dark Ingsmasher
Darkling-possessed assault drone.
Mechanoid target enhanced by Ing possession. Target has darkling weakness to light energy as well.

Logbook entry

Once the Ing discovered they could possess intelligent machines, the mighty Ingsmashers were top priority targets for the Horde. The drones retain all of their attacks-shock wave fists and missile launchers. It uses an energy shield in battle that can be adjusted to protect against a variety of beam weapons. The shield can be overloaded by opposite-polarity beams.