! This is a rare creature/object. It may only be scanned in one or few encounters.

The Dark Missile Trooper is a deceased Galactic Federation Missile Trooper incompletely possessed by an Ing. The Dark Missile Trooper is the only optional boss of the game, and is encountered in the beginning of Hive Chamber A.

Its movement and aiming speeds are slow, as full parasitic fusion has yet to take place. It shoots Missiles at enemies with its Missile Launcher at long range and attacks with melee hits if Samus is within striking distance. Overall, it is much taller and more resilient than the common Dark Troopers. As with all Darklings, the Dark Missile Trooper retains a weakness to light (thus making it susceptible to the Light Beam) and is vulnerable to the effects of the Entangler. It can also be killed instantly by freezing it with an Entangler shot and then shattering it with a Missile, or by incinerating it with a Power Bomb.

Logbook entry[]

Dark Missile Trooper

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Temporary scan

Morphology: Dark Missile Trooper
Deceased GF soldier armed with Missile Launcher. Bioscans indicate terminated lifesigns in this trooper, and the presence of an unknown biomass.

Logbook entry

Bioscans indicate terminated lifesigns in this missile trooper, and the presence of an unknown biomass with parasitic tendencies. Though the missile trooper's armor has been compromised, the bulk of it remains intact. Missile weapon system remains online as well. Full parasitic fusion has yet to be obtained, resulting in low agility and response time.


  • Since Samus already has the Missile Launcher and obtains it prior to fighting this boss, the Missile Launcher that the trooper carries acts as a normal Missile Expansion.
  • Except for the Dark Troopers and Dark Missile Trooper, the Ing gain complete, instantaneous control of all beings they possess. It would seem that deceased bioforms possessed by Ing take a largely extended amount of time to achieve complete parasitic fusion.
  • The Dark Missile Trooper is seemingly a Galactic Federation Trooper that was possessed by the Warrior Ing that stole Samus' Missile Launcher.
  • Since this Trooper is not present in the room when Samus first arrives, there is a possibility that he survived for some period while she was on the planet, and succumbed at a later time before she returned, possibly to the industrial-grade pesticide.
  • Oddly, when Samus scans the Dark Missile Trooper, it says that bioscans indicate "the presence of an unknown biomass," even though she has already encountered and identified the Ing prior to the battle.
    • This, combined with the fact the Missile Expansion it drops more closely resembles the ones from Metroid Prime, heavily implies the Dark Missile Trooper was originally meant to be a required boss, most likely the one required to restore the Missile Launcher.