Dark Pirate Troopers are Darkling-possessed Pirate Troopers. The Ing find them a very good addition to the Horde, as they are (supposedly) already good at following directions. They often place these troopers in important locations, such as guarding Dark Portals. Ing also frequently possess Pirate Commandos, leading to the more powerful Dark Pirate Commando. They also have a special preference for possessing Space Pirates because of their continual fascination with technology; they favor the advantages of the weapons the Pirates carry.

Dark Pirate Troopers can be found in Path of Eyes, Portal Terminal, Checkpoint Station (where three of them are killed by Dark Samus), Portal Site, and Crypt.


Portal Terminal Black Fog Pirate trooper possession

A Pirate Trooper is possessed by the Black fog.

Dark Pirate Troopers are very similar to fighting normal Pirate Troopers, with the largest exceptions being their enhanced offensive and defensive power and a weakness to the Light Beam and Light Beam-based attacks. They are capable of fighting adequately at long and short range, using their guns at long range and their combat scythes at close range to deal damage. Close range attacks are stronger. A working strategy is to keep at medium-close to long range and continually strafe and dodge. Jumping is also an effective means of dodging their weapon fire, but usually to a lesser effect. They can be handled with relative ease through the effective use of the Light Beam (uncharged attacks are limited to a medium range), but in the event it is not available or ammo is depleted, use of Missiles is effective. They are resistant to the Power Beam and Dark Beam, but can be effectively taken out with the Annihilator Beam, although this weapon is acquired late in the game and its ammo-damage efficiency is significantly lower than that of the Light Beam.

Dark Pirate Trooper

Logbook entryEdit

Dark Pirate Trooper

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

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Morphology: Dark Pirate Trooper
Darkling-possessed Space Pirate. Enhanced strength and stamina gained from addition of symbiote. Dislikes bright light.

Logbook entry

Pirate troopers, already trained to follow orders without question, were perfect candidates for Ing possession. Darklings moved to take every trooper they could, expanding the army of the Horde considerably. Space Pirate technology struck a chord with the Ing, who now hunt actively for gadgetry of any kind-especially weapon systems.