Dark Preed1

The in-game model for the Dark Preed

Dark Preed are Preeds that have been possessed and mutated by the Ing. These Darklings appear in Dark Agon Wastes, Dark Torvus Bog and the Ing Hive on Dark Aether in Metroid Prime 2 Echoes. Dark Preeds let off an even deadlier cloud of Nohadin gas than normal Preeds, and the gas is dark purple instead of green. The Ing's possession of the creature increases the gas's potence greatly, and not only does the substance linger for a longer period, but it also expands to cover a larger radius. Due to it being purple it can be much harder to see in the dark world, thus increasing its danger to Samus Aran more than a normal Preed.

The Nohadin gas inside them was also mentioned in a scan of a deceased Luminoth in Dark Torvus. The room the body is found in is also inhabited by Dark Preeds. The scan reads:

"Bioscan complete. Luminoth subject expired 1.86 decacycles ago. Target Luminoth was exposed to heavy amounts of Nohadin gas. This is likely the cause of death."

Curiously, this Luminoth was dated as having died 18.6 Cycles before Samus arrived, although the Space Pirates (and therefore the Preeds) only arrived approximately seven Cycles before that time. Therefore, it would have been impossible for the Luminoth to have been killed by a Dark Preed, or any other type of Preed. No explanation for this discrepancy is given. However, it's possible that the Luminoth inhaled Nohadin gas in some other form, as the scan never explicitly states that the Luminoth was killed by a Preed and it is never stated that Preeds are the only source of Nohadin gas on Aether, or even in the universe.


Dark Preed

Dark Preeds in the Dark Torvus Arena

Logbook entryEdit

Dark Preed

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Temporary scan

Morphology: Dark Preed
Darkling-possessed gas-filled cyborg. Darkling enhances target's durability. Destruction of outer body will release a highly toxic cloud.

Logbook entry

The aggressive Dark Preeds are often possessed by darklings for aerial hunting missions. The presence of the dark creature makes the small cyborg more durable. The toxic gas carried by a Preed is enhanced by exposure to dark energy, making it considerably more dangerous.