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Dark Sentinel Crystals are a version of the Sentinel Crystal found in the upper part of Dark Torvus in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. Developed by the Luminoth during their fifty-year long war with the Ing, the Dark Sentinel Crystals were used to monitor key locales on Dark Aether, to spy on the Ing Horde's activity. The Luminoth found that the normal Sentinel Crystal failed in Dark Aether due to damage from the dimension's atmosphere and constant attack from the Ing. As a solution, they created a Sentinel Crystal shielded by Dark Energy that is more resilient to the dark world's corrosive atmosphere and the attacks of its inhabitants. While the standard Crystals are red, these versions are blue.

The light and dark variants of the Sentinel Crystals are similar in function to Airthorns, in which they were all created with the purpose to inform their Luminoth creators of enemy activity and incoming danger, though the latter mechanoid was designed for aerial patrol.

The Dark Sentinel Crystal is notably one of the few devices used by the Luminoth in Dark Aether not to have been corrupted or destroyed by the Ing. Others are the Light Crystals, Light Beacons and Airthorns. The crystals are also one of three Luminoth devices to ever make use of dark energy, the others being the Dark Beam and Airthorns, which is likely equipped with a similar dark energy shield that allows it to function unhindered within Dark Aether.

Logbook entry[]

Dark Sentinel Crystal

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Temporary scan

Xenotech: Dark Sentinel Crystal
Monitor system designed for use on Dark Aether.
Used by Luminoth soldiers to monitor critical areas throughout Dark Aether. Few remain; those that do broadcast data to U-Mos of Aether.

Logbook entry

The original Sentinel Crystals were durable, but they had their limits. The toxic nature of Dark Aether, coupled with constant attack from the Ing, destroyed many of them. The Luminoth responded with the Dark Sentinel Crystal. Sheathed in dark energy, it is more resistant to the atmosphere of the Ing homeworld - and the attacks of its denizens.


  • Like Dark Samus, the Dark Sentinel Crystal is not a Darkling.