Damaged Dark Sphere

The Dark Sphere after being severely damaged by the Amorbis.

The Dark Sphere is an object that resides in the Dark Agon Wastes and provides Dark Energy to the Amorbis (which attach and detach themselves from the sphere), resulting in the creatures going through some sort of transformation. Scanning it reveals that it is invulnerable to all weaponry. When Samus deals internal damage to the Amorbis trio through the use of Bombs, they convulse violently and unintentionally slam the Dark Sphere against the ground, cracking it little by little. At the end of the battle, the sphere breaks open in an explosive manner, revealing the Dark Suit within.


"Structural analysis complete. Target is a biogenerated power sphere. Sphere provides dark energy to the Amorbis. Xenotech detected in sphere. Sphere is impervious to weapons."


  • When there is more than one Amorbis gripping onto the Dark Sphere, only the last one doing so will involuntarily damage the sphere, as the first one (or the first two when all three worms are present) will immediately detach itself (themselves) from it after being bombed within and burrow into the ground without slamming it.
  • The destruction of the Dark Sphere mirrors that of Zebes in Super Metroid, with the sphere cracking and exploding.
  • The fact that the Dark Suit was contained within suggests that this Sphere may have belonged to the Luminoth, and was stolen by the Ing. On the other hand, the Ing may have merely stolen the Suit and encased it in the sphere to channel the energy from the Suit into the Amorbis.


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