The Dark Torvus Bog is the Dark Aether's shadow of the Aether Torvus Bog. Dark Torvus Bog is filled with Ing, and is the resting place of the guardian Chykka. Dark Torvus is the second dark sector Samus must explore in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, after the Dark Agon Wastes. Aside from the Boost Guardian, no Warrior Ing are found in Dark Torvus, instead hosting only Hunter Ing and Inglets. Unlike the Dark Agon Wastes, the Sky Temple Grounds, and the Ing Hive, Dark Torvus Bog contains no Dark Tallon Metroids or Phazon.

Areas and Main Rooms[edit | edit source]

Like its Light Aether counterpart, Dark Torvus has two sections, an upper, marshy section and an underground, hydroelectric section. However, they are not connected.

The theme of the Dark Torvus Bog is internally named Dark World Swamp.

Surface Level[edit | edit source]

This area is almost equal to its Light Aether version. However, it has some rooms completely absent. Another difference is that it has most of the water drained out. But the water that has not been drained out is harmful, but nullified with the acquisition of the Light Suit.

Main Rooms[edit | edit source]

Subterranean Level[edit | edit source]

The subterranean level is completely closed off and can only be accessed by portals. This area is basically equal to its light counterpart, with the exception of not containing almost any water. Some rooms have completely disappeared.

Main Rooms[edit | edit source]

Bosses[edit | edit source]

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