Our champion wore a visor that pierced the veil of Dark Aether's eternal night. Take it back from the Ing. Let no darkness slow your mighty hand.

A-Voq, referring to the Dark Visor.

Dark Visor used to locate a platform in Unseen Way Normally invisible matter is coloured red.

The Dark Visor is a Visor upgrade in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. Designed by the Luminoth during the war, it was used by the Champion of Aether, A-Kul, to penetrate Dark Aether's haze in battle against the Ing. However, at some point it was stolen from the Luminoth by the enemy, possibly taken after her death, and placed in the Dark Torvus Temple. Samus Aran reclaimed the Dark Visor after defeating the guardian of Dark Torvus's temple, Chykka.

The Dark Visor allows Samus to see interdimensionally between Aether and Dark Aether, letting her see objects such as platforms which are in a state of dimensional flux between the two worlds. The Dark Visor gives Samus a black and white view of the world, with the exception of enemies and transdimensional objects, which appear red. It also reveals Seeker Launcher pods which are normally hidden from Samus' view. The Dark Visor doubles as a combat Visor, so Samus is able to use her weapons while the visor is active. Forms of Ing which could not normally be locked-onto, such as the Warrior Ing's liquid-form, and the Hunter Ing's gaseous state, can now be targeted. As normal, the Dark Visor displays the Missile count and Ammo supplies on the right, and Danger levels on the left.

The Dark Visor in item form.

Official data[]

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes manual[]

"Once Samus finds the Dark Visor, she can better see through Dark Aether's poisonous haze and identify invisible and interdimensional objects and creatures. This visor will show the weak points of certain enemies or objects, and is a huge help in total darkness or poor weather."

Samus acquires the Dark Visor.

Inventory data[]

Dark Visor

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Inventory entry

The Dark Visor can detect one-dimensional objects that are normally unseen.
Press GC D-pad right.gif/Hold Wii - button.png and point left to select the Dark Visor.

Samus's Notes

The Dark Visor will highlight most creatures as a targeting aid.


  • The Dark Visor bears a close resemblance in function to the X-Ray and Thermal Visor in Metroid Prime in that it allows Samus to see objects and enemies invisible to the naked eye, as well as allowing her to see easier in darkness or locations with poor weather.
  • If Samus encounters a Kralee, and if the Kralee phases out of dimension, Samus cannot harm it, even if she fires a beam or missile in the location it is in. However, if it phases out of dimension, and Samus has her Dark Visor active, the Kralee can be killed.
  • The Dark Visor is the only Visor that moves the boss health bar when used during combat with bosses.