Dark War Wasps are War Wasps that have been possessed by young Ing eager to join the war effort on Aether. The Ing often graduate to the control of larger and deadlier creatures if they prove their mettle in the War Wasp. Like the normal versions, the dark versions can also shoot weak energy blasts from their stinger. They are more aggressive and shoot faster than regular War Wasps. Dark War Wasps are found in two locations: Temple Grounds's Service Access (after killing Chykka) and Ing Hive's Vault Attack Portal.

The scan of this Darkling is the only existing source of information that state the Ing being capable of removing themselves from their possessed victims at will. They are never pictured doing this ingame.

Logbook entry[]

Dark War Wasp

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Temporary scan

Morphology: Dark War Wasp
Darkling-possessed aerial hunter.
Sturdy insect gains strength from Ing possession. It retains the ability to fire blasts of energy.

Logbook entry

Vicious and swift, the War Wasp is a prime target for young Ing eager to join the war effort. They appreciate the flying speed and numerous attacks the insect possesses. If they prove their own mettle in the War Wasp, these Ing often graduate to the control of larger, deadlier creatures.