The waters of Dark Aether are foul and venomous. Avoid them if you can.


Dark Water in the Dark Torvus Temple.

Dark Water was a substance encountered on Dark Aether in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. As the name implies, it was that world's equivalent of conventional water, and usually (although not always) existed where water is found on Light Aether. It was highly corrosive and severely damaging to unprotected matter from the Light Dimension, although many Dark creatures such as the Hunter Ing, Flying Ing Cache, Dark Phlogus, Chykka, Dark Shredder and Dark Grenchler could and did spend much of their lives immersed within it without any ill effects. In fact, one of the Darkling Guardians would mutate and gain additional abilities when in contact with Dark Water. However, for reasons unknown, this substance is lethal to some Darklings, such as Dark Pirate Troopers, which incinerate when in contact with it. In this regard, it was similar to Dark Aether's atmosphere, although its destructive effects were not alleviated by the fields of Light Beacons and Light Crystals. The incredible amount of damage caused by contact with this substance had led many of the creatures that were immune to its effects to spit or splash Dark Water at their opponents as an offensive weapon. Physically, the substance seemed to be a near-opaque purple liquid with an abnormally high viscosity—before acquiring the Light Suit, Samus Aran was able to walk across its surface without sinking into the fluid. Following the suit's acquisition, she was able to maneuver within it exactly as she would in regular water, as well as gaining complete immunity from Dark Water's corrosive effects.

It is unknown whether Dark Water was chemically identical to conventional water and gained its unusual properties from another material dissolved or suspended within it, whether its properties stemmed from the nature of the Dark Dimension itself, or whether it was an entirely different substance altogether.

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