The Darkling Tentacle is an Ing/Darkling that is essentially a long tentacle that protrudes from walls, most commonly in narrow corridors. They are native to Dark Aether. It is insinuated that they are part of larger organisms, using portals to fit their tentacles through to capture and drag prey from another location on Dark Aether.

When a dangerous life-form (such as Samus and presumably Luminoth) approaches the Darkling Tentacle, it will begin swinging wildly to repel the foe. Like most Ing, they dislike bright light, and a bright flash will cause them to retract back behind the wall, allowing passage. These Darklings are very fast and hard to hit even with the Power Beam. They are indestructible, and their behavior greatly resembles that of the Reaper Vine and Aqua Reaper from Tallon IV and the Whipvine encountered on the BOTTLE SHIP.


Logbook entry[]

Darkling Tentacle

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Temporary scan

Morphology: Darkling Tentacle
Dimension-warping Ing tendril. Darkling will open warps and attempt to grapple enemy targets. Dislikes bright light.

Logbook entry

Some darklings can open dimensional portals at will. They will use this ability to hunt for unwary prey, reaching out to snatch them with their tentacles. Once ensnared, the prey is dragged to its doom. The tentacles are resilient: pure light energy can disrupt them. Nothing can destroy them.


Concept art

  • For unknown reasons, the scan of these tendrils states that they are Ing but also labels them as Darkling organisms. This, along with their name, bring matters to confusion, since darklings are creatures possessed by Ing, meaning Darkling Tentacles were previously normal bioforms. There is the possibility that these tendrils are original darklings, creatures that were presumably born on the dark planet without ever having a light counterpart (such examples are the three Amorbis, Dark Phlogus and Nightbarbs). This is supported by the fact that Samus never encounters a counterpart for these creatures on Light Aether.
  • Concept Gallery artwork features a Wisp Tentacle which is not seen in the game. Its name is also present on an older list of scan data on the disk, and it is used in a script for the Darkling Tentacle, suggesting "Wisp Tentacle" is just a beta name.
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