A Pirate Trooper prepares to use his Dash Jet system.

The Dash Jet system is a new technology that surfaces in Space Pirate warfare at the time of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. The device is built in to all Pirate Trooper armour, increasing their speed and mobility over other Pirate classes. It acts as a booster jet, and fires purple flames out of the Pirate's back thruster. The Dash Jet system is employed against Samus Aran and the Federation during the Pirate assault on the planet Norion, and on the other worlds in the Federation Solar System, along with their own Pirate Homeworld. The Pirates use this system to sweep the battlefield with their deployable scythes. Another technique that the Dash Jet creates is to temporarily sustain Pirate Troopers in mid-air, allowing them to shoot over enemy cover and obtain high-ground. The Jet came as a staple for all the ground Pirate classes Samus encountered in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, although it is not used by Pirate Aerotroopers due to the jetpacks they carried being a better alternative.

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