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The Data Network is a gyroscopic interface that serves as the pause menu in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. Stored within her Power Suit, it contains an entire database of information to assist her on her mission. It allows access to the Logbook and Inventory as well as the game's Options, but not the Map, which has a separate menu. To access different entries, the gyroscope must be rotated until the intended entry is highlighted, and then the A button must be pressed. To return to the previous menu, the B button must be pressed. The Samus Data Screen in Echoes uses a similar interface.

The Data Network meticulously organizes Logbook and Inventory data, placing entries into a category tree. For example, in the Creatures category of the Logbook, every type of Space Pirate and Metroid, as well as each individual form of Dark Samus are categorized under "Offworld", while Aether creatures are organized by Flying, Ground, Aquatic and Mechanoids. These are then categorized by size, prowler type and predation. Each entry displays a model of the subject, which can be viewed from different angles.

Manual[edit | edit source]

"Samus's suit can store immense amounts of data that will help her along her journey. Most of these, with the exception of the map, can be accessed by pressing START/PAUSE during game play. Once the Data Network screen appears, use the Control Stick and the A Button to select the Options (pg. 9), Logbook, or Inventory screens."

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