Data Shrine - Multiplayer

The middle of the Data Shrine in multiplayer.

The Data Shrine is a multiplayer map in Metroid Prime: Hunters. It is the second selectable area out of 27 options. It appears to be an amalgamation of three different rooms in single-player: Data Shrine 01, 02 and 03.

In the middle of the stage there is a bridge that connects the two Alt-Form tunnels. It is surrounded by a corridor that wraps around the main data room, and the main room can be accessed and exited by two Alt-Form tunnels and entrances. The corridor also has an Alt-Form tunnel. In them are valuable Energy Capsules. All Affinity Weapons (except the Missile Launcher can be found here, in the main data room and two tunnels.


If a Wi-Fi match is being played with Weavel selected, and Weavel enters the Data Shrine, morphs into the Halfturret then disconnects from the Wi-Fi while still in Alt-Form, Weavel's lower Halfturret will still remain where it was on the level, but it will not shoot at passing hunters.

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