Data Storage A (known as Munitions Storage in the original NTSC release of Corruption) is a room on Norion in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


This is the room where Samus can download the map for Norion. Samus can also find three terminals containing Galactic Federation Data on the fellow bounty hunters Ghor and Gandrayda, as well as the Valhalla Incident. This is likely the reason for the room's name.

Connecting rooms[]


Hunter Ghor
"Subject is a veteran of the liberation war of Wotan VII. Only 6% of subject’s birth-body remains; the rest is state-of-the-art cyberware. Despite his career and heavy cybernetic modification, subject is known for his high level of empathy and compassion. Ghor is rather gentle and approaches situations logically, but is not the most skilled of fighters. Intel suggests he even has a sense of humor. Subject has often championed the weak, poor, and downtrodden, working for free or giving bounty money earned to the victims of his targets.

Subject can merge his cybernetic body into larger mechanisms, including gunships and fightercraft. This merging will alter Ghor’s personality, and he will become incredibly aggressive and violent. Data indicates a high proficiency with computer infiltration and manipulation. High level of mechanical empathy with artificial intelligence."
Hunter Gandrayda
"Subject homeworld unknown. Possesses the metamorphic ability similar to the biomorphs of Jovia XII. Can assume the form and abilities of most living things, including bioforms considerable larger than the subject.

Scans are unable to determine subject’s age, but psych eval suggests a high degree of youthfulness. Intel suggests that bounty hunting is akin to a sport for her, one she enjoys considerably. Subject perceives the veteran Hunter Samus Aran as her chief rival, a rival she intends to surpass as soon as possible."
Valhalla Incident
"The G.F.S. Valhalla was on a training mission after receiving new crew at Tivus. We believe the Valhalla was ambushed en route to the training base by a fleet of pirate vessels. Data suggests the pirates were using upgraded starships powered by Phazon; that plus superior numbers were more than the Valhalla could handle. Current whereabouts of the Valhalla are unknown; she is presumed destroyed in action."

Version differences[]

In Metroid Prime Trilogy, the scans for Valhalla Incident, Planet Norion, and Hunter Rundas are in different locations, with Valhalla Incident being at Cargo Dock B, Planet Norion being at Docking Hub Alpha, and Hunter Rundas being at Data Storage A instead.