Data Storage B (known as Data Storage in the original NTSC release of Corruption) is a small room found on Norion. It is explored in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


Data Storage B can only be accessed after Samus Aran had acquired the Plasma Beam, as the room is on the path to Generator B and Samus does not explore this region the first time she visits Norion. To get here, she must repair a damaged Circuit board in the Cargo Hub.

The room is the second of two data storage rooms on Norion after Data Storage A, and consists of a mechanism in the middle that processes data from the Galactic Federation databanks and provides it to the three terminals in the room. The mechanism is a skinny pillar with three rings moving up and down at the top and several protrusions running along the walls of the room, similar to a windmill.

Two of the terminals feature Galactic Federation Data entries, specifically, the entries Planet Bryyo and SkyTown. A third terminal is inactive and folded in, while being unscannable in the original version of Corruption. However, in Metroid Prime Trilogy, this third terminal is scannable, and reveals four "special access codes", which can be entered into the Transmission console in the Gunship to reveal secret messages from Satoru Iwata, Kensuke Tanabe, Shigeru Miyamoto, Kenji Yamamoto and Yoshio Sakamoto. The messages are present in the original version of Corruption, but there are no hints to their existence.

Connecting rooms[]


Planet Bryyo
"Federation scouts discovered the planet Bryyo ten years ago. The planet's alignment makes most of its surface uninhabitable; 48% of the world is always exposed to the sun, with another 48% shrouded in permanent night. The remaining 4% lies in an equatorial ring of fertile jungle, where the bulk of Bryyo's bioforms dwell.
Fuel Gel is common on Bryyo, which makes it extremely important to the Federation. The local bioforms are quite primitive, though there are ruins that indicate an advanced culture thrived on Bryyo in centuries past."
"SkyTown is a network of advanced structures floating in the atmosphere of planet Elysia. Most of the base is dedicated to research, from a local to interstellar level. The powerful sensors of SkyTown provide useful military intelligence data along with research information. An Aurora Unit analyzes the vast amount of data collected by the station it is supported by the Elysians, a group of sentient mechanoids that live within the base.
Third terminal
"SPECIAL ACCESS CODES: 28413 73636 55184 14758"
"Unit transfers information from the Federation's data banks to all nearby access terminals."