A Databot in its idle position.

A Databot is a hovering robot in SkyTown. If it is shot, then it can be scanned for SkyTown Data. Databots are indestructible to all forms of weaponry. When a Databot is shot, it folds in half and projects a holographic screen with circular symbols into the air. After the data is scanned and downloaded, the Databot unfolds and resumes its patrol. There are twelve Databots scattered throughout SkyTown. Little is known of these robots, except that they were left behind to give future visitors to Elysia information about the fate of the Elysians.

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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Temporary scan

Mechanoid: Databot
Used to store historical data. Shoot to access information.

Logbook entry

Databots were designed by the Elysians as a means to record and pass on historical data. They patrol along their set area until disrupted, and then project a holographic datafile. However, only those equipped with Chozo-based visor technology can access this information.

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  • The Lore it gives out can be scanned over and over again, unlike others whereas they disappear completely becoming unscannable.