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Dave Elvin is a voice actor and the voice of Commander Adam Malkovich in Metroid: Other M. Nate Bihldorf has said of Elvin that "Dave was awesome—his timbre just sounds naturally cool, and he never had problems with giving us alternate reads. He was especially good when we did simultaneous sessions with him and Jessica." [1]

When Jessica Martin was asked how it felt to have "Samus and Adam" in the recording booth at the same time, she said, "It wasn't weird at all, you know, meeting, uh, meeting the actor who plays Adam for the first time. Because so often - I mean, in stage, you'll meet someone one day, and then the next day, you're choreographing a fight scene or a love scene. So, this just kind of goes with the job, and as actors you just kind of... come with this readiness to support the other person. And so kind of having that unspoken agreement between us, it was just fun to play off of each other. And then I think that the characters really got to grow and blossom, and that relationship really developed."

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