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The Death Ball is one of several special upgrades that are available in the Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Multiplayer. A similar item called the Deathalt appears in Metroid Prime Hunters. When a Samus receives it, she will automatically transform into Morph Ball mode and be unable to unmorph for a period of time. The advantage to this is that the Morph Ball has become an electric conductor, and as the name implies, it will cause death to her opponent. It can be used in single player with a cheat device. In the multiplayer, it can kill her opponent in just two hits, even if they have full health.

While the Death Ball is likely to kill any player it touches and destroy any object it comes into contact with. It lacks the ability to lay a Bomb, attach to Spider Ball Tracks, boost, or exit Morph Ball until the ability expires. Also, the user is still vulnerable to attack. In places such as Shooting Gallery, if the Samus using it rolls on the grating over the Dark Water, it will be destroyed and she will fall into the water.

The easiest way to escape Death Ball is to jump onto a platform that is only accessible by jumping or to climb a Spider Ball Track, neither of which the Death Ball-user can do. If the Samus with the Death Ball is on low energy then the obvious solution of shooting them becomes available. Death Ball-users cannot escape the effects of the Entangler either.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Through hacking, it is possible to obtain the Death Ball in SinglePlayer. 
  • The properties of the Death Ball are identical to that of Power Bombs, meaning the Death Ball can destroy any object Power Bombs can and burn enemies in a very similar fashion.

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