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Death Race Firecracker

Death Race Firecracker is a grand prix galactic racing event held in the Extreme Galaxy. Hundreds of criminals from around the galaxy partake in this event hoping to win a large cash prize and the title of fastest in the galaxy. In actuality, the race is a means for the Greed Corps to win new recruits into their operations. The race laps around the most treacherous environments in the Extreme Galaxy and is divided into three areas: "a zone of volcanic death", where one racer, Galom, is killed, an asteroid belt (which is actually a minefield) and a grand canyon.

The five-time winner and most popular racer is Rockets. Samus spots him on a poster holding the Data Capsule containing her stolen Speed Booster ability. This reveals that he is one of Greed's Deadly Six Stars. Samus enters the race as "Aran DJ" with her Joey and Diesel and kills Rockets during the race. Samus is proclaimed the new champion.

Firecracker poster with Rockets

Promotional poster.



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Galom (ガロム Garomu?) was a vaguely amphibian criminal participant in Death Race Firecracker. At the time of this race, he was an escape artist who had evaded capture for 25 years. He wore a helmet with two earpieces, a turtleneck and collared jacket. He dies in his ship while in the first quarter of the race course.

Alpine WaccemerEdit

Alpine Waccemer (アルパインの ワッカマー Arupain no wakkamā?) is described as a "roll master". He wears a hood and mask with two breathing tubes, as well as a tunic, and possesses clawed fingers.

Ginso Trife and Phanton ZophulaEdit

Ginso Trife (銀槍 トライフ Kin-sō toraifu?) are both galactic criminals. Trife is a vaguely reptilian creature with small fang teeth and a frontal horn. Zophula's facemask bears a slight resemblance to that of Bishop.

Aran DJEdit

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