The Deathalt is a power-up in Metroid Prime Hunters multiplayer, enhancing the power of its user's Alt-Form.


This power-up is compatible with Samus' Morph Ball, Kanden's Stinglarva, Spire's Dialanche, Weavel's Halfturret, Sylux's Lockjaw, Noxus' Vhoscythe, and Trace's Triskelion. It is found in the Processor Core, Head Shot and Ice Hive, the first of which has this powerup only when there are three or more players. If one of the hunters bump into another hunter while he or she has the Deathalt, they will be killed instantly. It is similar to the Death Ball in the Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Multiplayer in that it transforms the player into their alternate form and kills opponents on contact.

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