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Deathmatch is a mode in the Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Multiplayer. In this mode, Samus Aran is required to kill her opponents a set number of times or within a set time limit. The fighter who has the most kills when time runs out wins the match.

Metroid Prime Hunters' multiplayer mode has a similar feature, this time called Battle.

Official dataEdit

Metroid Prime 2 manualEdit

"There are two multiplayer modes: Deathmatch and Bounty Mode. Tilt the Control Stick to select one and press the A Button to proceed. A Deathmatch is straight foward-you just hunt the other players. You can set parameters for each game, choosing either a time limit or a number of frags to determine the winner. You can also select the music at this time. Once you've set the parameters, press the A Button, select an arena to battle in, and press START/PAUSE to start the battle."

Metroid Prime Hunters manualEdit

"Compete to see how many other Hunters you can defeat. You can set the Point Goal needed to win the game, the Time Limit, and Team Play. (Choosing this will divide players into two teams.)"

Nintendo Power March 2006Edit

"Starting with a limited number of lives, you must eliminate the other bounty hunters before they eliminate you. You'll have to be both aggressive and stealthy to defeat your foes without revealing yourself." [1]

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