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The "Deceased Soldier" is a corpse seen outside Kraid's room in his lair in Super Metroid. It appears to be leaking a yellow liquid, which may be yellow-colored blood or the result of decomposition. The liquid also looks similar to the attacks fired by the nearby Gadora, possibly indicating cause of death. Sbugs can be seen feeding on the corpse, and they will scatter when Samus comes near. This body's purpose is unknown and has prompted much speculation as to who it is and why it is there. It may have been killed by Kraid or the Gadora right next to it, as it looks like in death it was thrown back against the short wall, indicating that something from the direction of the Gadora killed it. The body serves as a warning to Samus, as it is situated right before the battle with Kraid.

In the code of Super Metroid, the corpse is a set of five tiles.


  • Super Metroid Players' Guide frequently mentions the presence of adventurers on Zebes who have met grisly ends at the hands of Space Pirates, possibly referring to this corpse.
  • The corpse is notable for being the location that Samus can encounter the Sbugs over and over, as opposed to them not returning after scattering. The corpse is apparently too good for this swarm of Sbugs to resist eating.
  • If the yellow substance found pouring out of the body is indeed blood, then it is possible that this is because the body's species, assuming it is not a human possesses a high concentration of vanabin in their blood, which is a yellow, vanadium-based pigment, like Earth's sea cucumbers possess. If this happens to be so, however, then it is likely not involved in oxygen transportation and may instead indicate a natural toxicity.
    • Another potential blood type would be iridium-based blood. However, this would indicate that there is a lack of oxygen in the room and therefore unlikely (although the yellow "blood" does appear as a more orangish tint than Samus' Power Suit coloration). Also, the dead individual would have had to have died within days as iridium-based blood would be highly photosensitive and would degrade from orange (its oxygenated color) to green before finally reaching a deep bluish-black. As the compound would take one atom of oxygen per molecule to change from its deoxygenated yellow state to a sullen orange, the reaction is not quite as quickly as, say, cobalt complexes, thereby meaning the corpse would have to possess a more convoluted lung system than any Human would be accustomed to.
  • The yellow fluid may also be some form of residue from the Gadora's attack - the exact composition of the projectiles the creatures produce is unknown.
  • The corpse's armor heavily resembles that of Weavel.