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Ice Decoy

Ice Decoy description.

The Decoy item in Metroid Prime: Federation Force has five MODs that can be equipped: Armored, Explosive, Ice, Shock, and Fire Decoy. The Armored Decoy comes in three levels, providing the Decoy with gradually stronger protection from damage. The Explosive Decoy will cause Decoys to trigger a powerful explosion upon destruction that will damage nearby enemies, such as Space Pirates and including whatever enemy caused its explosion.

The latter three are elemental MODs. As with many MODs, only one copy of each can be equipped at a time, and the elemental Decoys cannot be used in conjunction with each other, or other elemental MODs. However, they can be equipped alongside the Armored and/or Explosive Decoy MODs. When equipped, it will cause any Decoy deployed during missions to freeze, shock or burn and damage enemies that come into contact with it.

In-game descriptionsEdit

Armored Decoy
"Decoy takes [25%/50%/75%] less damage."
Explosive Decoy
"Destroyed decoys trigger powerful explosions that damage enemies around them."
Ice Decoy
"Decoy that deals ice damage to any enemy that touches it, freezing them for a short period of time."
Shock Decoy
"Decoy deals electrical damage to any enemy that touches it."
Fire Decoy
"Decoy deals fire damage to any enemy that touches it."