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A Federation terminal.

A dedicated terminal is an interactive terminal featured in Metroid Prime: Federation Force. As an alternative to the Scan Visor in other Metroid Prime games, these terminals provide small amounts of lore and information from the inhabitants of Excelcion, Bion, Talvania, and the Doomseye. The terminals frequently contain Galactic Federation, Bion, Space Pirate or Daedalus Logs or other messages. Most missions contain up to three terminals in various parts of the area, but some feature less than three. M12: Last Stand, M16: Slipstream and M18: Hightower do not have any terminals, ostensibly due to the setting, situation and time-sensitive nature of these missions.

Data[edit | edit source]

Tutorial (M01: Outpost)[edit | edit source]

"Use the dedicated terminal to view the Federation Log."

System messages (M03: Smokestack)[edit | edit source]

"System Warning:
Discharge levels in excess of acceptable norms. Cease operations immediately."

"System Update:
Power station energy-access system operating at 98.9%."

"System Report:
Core output 150% of safe levels. Load increases not advised."

System Report (M10: Black Hole)[edit | edit source]

"System Report:
Launcher installation and adjustments complete. Initiate missile acquisition preparations."

Mayday (M11: Uplink)[edit | edit source]

"Mayday! Space Pirates detected! We're under attack! Systems are failing on multiple levels. All crew evacuate immediat--"

Weather failure message (M19: Incursion)[edit | edit source]

* * WARNING * *
Weather Survey Service Failure
* * WARNING * *

Doomseye warnings (M22: Convergence)[edit | edit source]

A Space Pirate dedicated terminal.

<<System Report>>
<Force Field Status: 100%>
<Generator: No Faults Detected>

<DOOMSEYE Infiltration Detected>
<Countermeasure: Dispatch Crew>
<Objective: Search and Destroy>

<Intruder Threat Unresolved>
<Energy System: Emergency Mode>
<Objective: Eliminate Intruders>

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