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"Defender" may also refer to a title given by the Chozo to the defender of Tallon IV, Samus Aran.
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Defender is a "King of the Hill"-type mode in Metroid Prime Hunters. In this mode there is a ring somewhere in the arena. One hunter must stand inside the ring for a set amount of time. If two occupy the ring, it will act as if there is no one inside. The hunter who builds up the set amount of time first wins. Defender cannot be played on High Ground, Compression Chamber, Incubation Vault, Elder Passage, Fuel Stack, Fault Line or Head Shot.

Official dataEdit


"Attempt to secure a designated area. You will earn time while you are the only Hunter to occupy it."

Nintendo Power March 2006Edit

"Seek out the special circle and protect it with your life; as long as you are the only one within the circle, you will earn points. The hunter who manages to protect the circle for the longest wins." [1]

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