The Defense Cannon in action.

The Defense Cannon is a planetary armament seen at Sector Zero, Norion in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. The model likely exists in other Galactic Federation strongholds as well.

The Cannon fires a piercing blue laser at a satellite in space orbiting Norion, which then reflects off four panels into a final dish, from which a swirling orange laser is projected. The laser moves to incapacitate a target before it can impact. The Cannon is powered by three Fedtech Plasma Generators, A, B and C, all of which were knocked offline when the Space Pirates attacked Norion. Without them, the Cannon was unable to be fired to destroy the Leviathan Seed aimed at Norion. Samus Aran, Gandrayda, Ghor and Rundas were ordered to Norion to reactivate the Generators, but Ghor ended up holding off enemies for Samus, while Gandrayda stated that "machines aren't my thing", leaving Samus to reactivate Generator A while Rundas activated B. After a battle with Meta Ridley, Samus reactivated C as well, then rushed back to the Cargo Hub, barely joining the other hunters on the elevator up to the Control Tower.

Samus began attempting to fire the Cannon, but Dark Samus ambushed the Bounty Hunters, leaving them crippled. Before losing consciousness, Samus managed to force herself to press the activation button, destroying the seed.

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