A wall made of weakened Denzium.

Denzium is a durable material found on Aether that has similar properties to Bendezium from Tallon IV. The only known way to destroy it (as far as Samus is capable of) is by using a Power Bomb, though it can deteriorate after prolonged exposure to the energy of interdimensional portals. It is a common type of ore that is typically used to reinforce gates or walls from attack. The Federation have been known to use it in gates and such, suggesting there is an off-world source of the alloy, or they were able to manufacture it from materials on the planet. The method in which it is fused with materials is unknown.

Official dataEdit


Dark Oasis
"Structural analysis complete.
This section of wall has a large amount of secondary Denzium in it. It is unstable as a result."
Putrid Alcove/Great Bridge
"Structural analysis complete.
Block is composed of Denzium.
The local creatures have weakened it, along with time and erosion."
Dynamo Chamber
"Structural analysis complete.
Block contains Denzium. The local creatures have weakened it, along with time and erosion."
Mining Station B
"Structural analysis complete.
A lode of secondary Denzium runs through this wall.
Structural integrity is critical due to recent drilling."
Mining Station A/Sandcanyon
Denzium wall:"Structural analysis complete.
Structural integrity of Denzium object at critical."
Torvus Grove
"Bioscan complete.
Exposure to radiation has weakened this tree.
Several parts of the tree have becun to rot due to exposure to Phazon and Denzium."
Gathering Hall (half-pipe cover)
"Structural analysis complete.
Floor covering is composed of transparent Denzium. Attacks from the local creatures have weakened it considerably."
Gathering Hall (half-pipe grate)
"Structural analysis complete.
Grate contains Denzium. Exposure to the polluted waters of the bog have weakened its structure."
Sanctuary Entrance
"Structural analysis complete.
Panel is laced with Grobnite and Denzium. It has been weakened by numerous strikes from Pirate weaponry."
Transit Station
"Structural analysis complete.
Blast door has been weakened by heavy radiation in area. The secondary Denzium in its frame is degenerating at a slow but constant rate."
Hall of Combat Mastery
"Structural analysis complete.
Bridge is composed of numerous alloys, including Denzium.
Exposure to portal energies has weakened the structure considerably."
Main Gyro Chamber
"Scans complete.
Wreckage is blocking access to a control system.
Objects are composed of Denzium. They have been destabilized by heavy radiation."
Sacrificial Chamber
"Structural analysis complete.
Panel is composed of secondary Denzium.
Structural integrity at critical."

Sentinel comment (Metroid Prime 2: Echoes)Edit

"The machines have fashioned a new alloy of considerable strength.
They use this metal to block access to key areas. Destroy it if you can!"
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