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This article is about the live orchestral medley. For other uses, see Brinstar Depths (Disambiguation).
"Brinstar" is the area in which Samus first sets down in the Famicom version of Metroid. The Space Pirates of Planet Zebes wriggle and dash about inside, and if you take the eerie elevator down, you will arrive at Brinstar Depths, a world drooping with cells... The connection between these hit songs was impressive. With this version, I put in a chittering sound like an arthropod at the song's midpoint for the song of the elevator area. I want to say you won't hear much, but it adds to the performance.

Shogo Sakai[1]

Depth of Brinstar is an orchestrated version of the Brinstar and Brinstar Depths themes from Super Smash Bros. Melee.


Depth of Brinstar is available on the soundtrack album Smashing...Live! as the only Metroid track on the album. It is number eleven on the track listing and has a run time of 3:41. The album was released a year prior to the game in Japan on October 21, 2001, and in 2003 as a gift to subscribers of Nintendo Power and Official Nintendo Magazine. Depth of Brinstar was also performed live in concert in Tokyo on August 27, 2002.

In order, the featured tracks are Kraid's Chamber, Silence, Samus Aran's Appearance Fanfare, Title (Metroid), and Brinstar (Metroid). All of these tracks were featured in Brinstar Depths (Melee) and Brinstar (Melee), hence their inclusion in this orchestrated medley.

It can be heard here: [1]


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