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Derek Bonikowski

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Derek Bonikowski is a former senior animator at Retro Studios. As Senior Animator, he worked on all three games in the Prime Series. Bonikowski created many of the cinematic and in-game animations in the series, and handled the implementation and research of key features in the games such as Grapple Beam and Morph Ball transition animations. He also trained new employees on internal tools and scripting at the company. Bonikowski left Retro in 2017 and is currently an animator at Velan Studios.



SENIOR Animator, Retro STudios, inc. Austin, Tx 2000-present

"Created and implemented in-game and cinematic animation for three triple-A titles. Researched, animated and tested signature features such as the grapple-beam and morph ball. Managed and trained new personnel on internal tools and scripting. Advocated and promoted integration of creative and technical roles in diversified project-specific teams."[1]




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Metroid Prime Series reel

Metroid Prime Series reel

Notably, this reel features the music from the "Corruption" trailer for Metroid Prime 3.

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