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The Desert Phantoms (also called Hunter-Killers) appear as a mix between an organic spider, with an attached, mechanical upper body that resembles Samus Aran, but with shoulder pad ridges like Dangelo and a visor similar to Dark Samus. The right arm, instead of an Arm Cannon, features a spear or bayonet while the left arm has a gatling gun.

The Phantoms are first seen killing off prisoners of a Demon Planet from the shadows before the leader appears and plays a game of Lucky Darts, selecting Joey Apronika and Diesel, among other prisoners to be used in experiments. The prisoners attempt to escape before the Desert Phantoms appear in eight minutes, but they appear after only five minutes due to the leader's impatience. The leader rides a Samus Tank.

Samus herself soon appears, unimpressed by these "piles of scrap" and destroys the machines with a Power Bomb, and the Samus Tank with her Screw Attack. She soon learns that these were mere prototypes for the real threat: Integra.

Desert Phantom concept

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