The Desert Refinery is a room in the experimental simulated desert area of the Pyrosphere in Metroid: Other M. It connects from the Environmental Test Floor.


The first part of the area is mostly a set of multiple staircases with Heat Bulls, Super Zebesians and Novas in the way. Similar to the Sector Generator Room in the Cryosphere, Samus must Wall Jump from a wall to a spinning turbine covered in Grab Ledges. Samus must then get to a Terminal to activate the door.

The door leads to an outer corridor where Samus encounters FG II-Grahams and FG-1000s, requiring her to go onto a ledge via Shinespark. She will re-enter the center via a connecting shaft, but be in a much higher Morph Ball tunnel that leads to a Navigation Booth and features a Missile Tank. She then enters the outer corridor yet again, leading her to the top of the Desert Refinery.

At the top, the Rhedogian ambushes Samus yet again, only to be repelled as it falls down the shaft outside of the room. There is an Elevator in the room, leading her to the basement of the Desert Refinery.

In the basement, a Dragotix is spotted. Further ahead, there are three Grapple Points over a pit of lava containing two Magdollites. A Missile Tank can also be found in this room.


  • There is a glitch where the basement exit after the three Grapple Points is locked permanently, making it impossible to complete the game.
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