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The Dessgeega-infested hall[1] is a room in Sector 3 / Pyrosphere. It appears in Metroid: Other M.


This is a simple, L-shaped corridor. Near both of the doors are two dividers on the floor that Samus will automatically vault over when she approaches. As its name implies, the most notable feature of the room are the two Dessgeegas, which stomp around aimlessly. Samus can choose whether to kill them or not. Upon entering the room initially, she is greeted by five Mellas. Aesthetically, the room has little in the form of unique features, apart from a series of curved orange lights on the walls.

This room leads into a Navigation Booth connected to a "lava-filled room", which Samus will not be able to cross yet as she has not been authorized to use the Grapple Beam.

Connecting RoomsEdit



  1. ^ Metroid: Other M Premiere Edition, page 84: "Sprint down the Dessgeega-infested hall and make a right at the far corner. Stop in the Navigation Booth to save your progress and unlock the next hatch."

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